Calvary Chapel Education Association is an exclusive fellowship of Calvary Chapel Fellowships and Christian Schools. Unlike other education associations, all of those involved in CCEA subscribe to the Calvary Chapel Distinctives. two children with book All student events, conferences, conventions, and the CCEA accreditation process follow these Distinctives. We are truly Calvary Chapel and our fellowship reflects the Calvary Chapel spirit. We rely not on what man can accomplish but what the Holy Spirit can do in the lives of students, parents, staff, and administrators.

CCEA was created to help all Calvary Chapel fellowships with an emphasis on schools. While other education associations concentrate on the large schools CCEA is here to lend a helping hand to the smaller Calvary Chapel Christian schools. CCEA provides technical assistance through our website and hands-on help at the East and West Coast Conferences and the Teachers Convention.

two children looking through holds in a fenceCCEA offers accreditation through ACTS using the Calvary Chapel Distinctives as their guiding light for our Calvary Chapel schools. We assist schools through the accreditation process and show them how to apply the Calvary Chapel Distinctives to their schools.

CCEA promotes contact with Calvary Chapel schools throughout the world through our International Conference, student mission trips, and our “Sister School” program.