New School Resources

The Philosophy of Ministry
New School Start Up Check List


Kindergarten Application
Kindergarten Information
1st - 5th Grade Application
1st - 5th Grade Information
6th - 8th Grade Application
6th - 8th Grade Information

Board Handbook

School Board Policies


Behavioral Chain Analysis Worksheet
Discipline Action Form
Scorner Worksheet
Scorners Mockers
Classroom Discipline Policy for Middle School
Classroom Discipline Policy for Upper Elementary
JH Daily Discipline

Field Trip Forms

Annual Field Trip Release
Driver and Chaperone Instructions
Field Trip Log
Field Trip Checklist
Volunteer Driver Application Form

Human Resources

School Employee Letter of Intent
Teacher Contract Blank

Medical Forms

CPR's Administrator's Handbook
First Aid and Head Injury Notice
First Aid Kit and Supply List
Health Field Trip
Health History
Ill Injury Form
Medical and Insurance
Medical Request Record
Medication Record
Record of Visits Form
School Health Record

Parent Student Handbooks

Parent Student 2012-2013 Handbook
Elementary Handbook
Elementary Curriculum and Academic Handbook
Elementary Handbook Doc
Student and Parent Handbook 2011-2012 PDF
Volunteer Information Application
Secondary Guidance Program


Athletic Handbook

Teacher Applications

Declaration of Moral Integrity
Prospective Teacher Evaluation
Teacher Interview Process
Teacher Application 1
Teacher Application - Part 2
Teacher Hiring Practices
Authorization to Release Reference Information
Christian Teacher Job Description
Consent and Waiver Form
Spiritual Reference
Application for Criminal Background Checks
Reference Check

Teacher Employee Handbooks

Handbook Employee
Employee Handbook
Teachers Handbook

Teacher Observations

Spiritual Evaluation
Christian School Supervision Policy
Classroom Observation Form
Classroom Observation Sheet
Observation Report
Questions for Post-Observation Conference
Faculty Evaluation Report

Member Videos

Pastor John Thomas "The Habitation of God"

Dr. Kathy Keafer "Building Blocks of Learning" - Part A

Dr. Kathy Keafer "Building Blocks of Learning" - Part B

Dr. Kathy Keafer "Building Blocks of Learning" - Part C